Dental Exam & Cleaning

45 minutes - 1 hour

Routine teeth cleanings and xrays are a must if you want to keep your pearly whites. Everyday plaque and calculus accumulating on your teeth and beneath your gums despite your best efforts to brush and floss them. As dentists and hygienists, we use powerful dental microscopes to carefully check each surface of every tooth to ensure that they are clean and cavity free!

What are the benefits of regular dental care?

Regular dental visits are essential for several reasons. At Crystal Lake Dental, your care is designed to offer the best possible benefits, including:

Disease prevention

While good brushing and flossing habits are paramount to oral health, plaque still naturally builds on and in between the teeth. The only way to remove this film ― which can eat away at your teeth, causing cavities and decay ― is to have regular dental cleanings. General dentistry also ensures the prevention of gum disease, which can cause inflammation in the gums and eventually lead to tooth loss.

Advanced Technology

Crystal Lake Dental is a fully digital office that no longer requires any x ray processing or looking through paper charts. We have tiny intraoral cameras that we use to document all the details of your mouth and ensure that you can see what we are see. 

Beautiful Teeth

Clean teeth are beautiful teeth, especially when Dr. Hsu can complement your dental care with cosmetic treatments or orthodontics. With regular dental visits, you can be confident that your smile is bright and healthy.